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Welcome! Joyful Photography by Jinnee is an on-location newborn, baby, children, and family photographer in southeastern Wisconsin, primarily Waukesha county/Lake Country.  

This blog is my way to share photo sessions, photography tips and ideas, and stories of my life as a wife and momma.  Thank you for joining me! 


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The perfect day for SNOW sessions!! (Pewaukee Milwaukee Brookfield Wauwatosa family photographer}

February 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I had been in the Northwoods for a weekend with some girlfriends and headed back on Sunday afternoon for two sessions at Hoyt Park.  I was excited there was snow on the ground for the photos!  (The only time I am EVER excited for snow!  Haha!) Little did we know that it would actually be snowing even more that weekend and I was debating if it was safe for the families to meet me!   The Northwoods had almost a foot that week.  Anyways, we kept the sessions scheduled and rolled with it.  The kids were all troopers and we caught some cool photos with the snow falling.  All worth it!  It was perfect.

{Pewaukee Wauwatosa Brookfield children family photography}

Christmas session in the client's home {Pewaukee Waukesha Milwaukee family photographer}

February 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I love it when I book new clients who learn of me through family and friends.  A referral is the best compliment ever.  So thank you to all who have done this.  It is VERY much appreciated!

I had the privilege to photograph this family in their gorgeous home!   They had this beautiful, tall tree with the most elegant and fun decorations.  The girls were polite and sweet and the four of them are just stunning!  SO much fun.  

{Pewaukee Waukesha indoor home session Christmas children family photographer}

Baby M turns 1! {Pewaukee Milwaukee children family photography}

January 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This family is so good to me.  They have been on my photography journey since the beginning.  I have loved watching their family grow!  We had a fall session for them, as well as celebrating Baby M turning 1!  What a big girl!  We had our session in a friend's backyard.  They recently had a fall party and had a ton of cool hay bales and pumpkins out.  Thank you G family for having us over!  It was perfect.  

Sessions can pretty much be held anywhere.  I worry about lighting sometimes, but you work with it.  You find areas that are shaded and shoot from there.  

{Pewaukee Wauwatosa Milwaukee Oak Creek WI family photographer}

Lake Country Mom Facebook giveaway! {Pewaukee Ixonia Oconomowoc WI family photographer}

January 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations to the Stanley family for winning the drawing for a complimentary photo session with Joyful Photography by Jinnee!  The awesome giveaway was through The Lake Country Mom's Facebook site: www.facebook.com/TheLakeCountryMom. She posts events and local information daily on her Facebook page.  Check her out!

The Stanley family is new to the Lake Country area.  It was a pleasure meeting their family and capturing the joy they have in their interactions together.  They are a sweet family.  Welcome to the area!  I hope you guys are enjoying it here so far!


{Pewaukee Nashotah Park Delafield Oconomowoc Hartland WI family photographer}

M fall The Mini session {Pewaukee Wauwatosa Brookfield Hoyt Park children family photography}

January 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So this mom and I went to college together...we were roomies, in each other's weddings, and had babies around the same time.  We now live about 10 minutes from each other, so it's neat to live close to friends from college. They sure know you better than most people, that's for sure!!!  

Through the busyness of life and the changes and stages we all go through, friendships are special.  True friends take you as you are, through all your life stages.  And even if it's been months since you've talked, the connection is still there.  Let's face it- we don't stay the same. And THANK GOD for that!  I am certainly not the same person that I was 10 years ago...let alone even 2 years ago.  I'm always growing...

So happy they choose me to capture their family this year.  <3


{Pewaukee Brookfield Wauwatosa Hoyt Park pool children family portrait photography}

Fall sessions {Pewaukee Retzer Nature Center Waukesha fall family portrait photography}

January 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I had many more mini sessions after the first few weekends.  The rest of the sessions were not at the fall mini session price that I advertised.  I may only do two designated fall mini session dates next fall with the special price.  I was BUSY!  So blessed by all the people we allowed me to spend that time with their families!

On this particular day, I had one The Mini and one I Want It All (which is an hour long).  I picked the Retzer Nature Center because they offer acres of beautiful land.  There are many cool little pockets of spots to take photos.  It was a blast with these two sweet families.

The R family was mom and her two daughters.  The girls are the sweetest of the sweetest.  Love.

This next family, who did the I Want It All package, got a ton of photos- almost 50.  My hour with them was amaaazing.  The kids were spontaneous and giggly and the parents were laid-back and easy going.  I just LOVE that.  So easy to shoot a session like this one.

{Pewaukee Waukesha fall children family portrait photography}

Attempts at photographing my own family {Pewaukee Hartland children family photography}

January 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So I got my own family of 5 together for a photo shoot.  I need a picture for our Christmas card, too!  I tell ya, it's WAY harder getting your own clan to focus during a session.  :)  My kids have learned to "ignore" me when I'm taking photos of them, but when we need to stay fairly still for a tripod, it was asking a lot of my little ones.  HA.  My husband has a blast, said the wife sarcastically!  I just adore the last shot of my three kiddos laughing.  That one is a keeper <3


{Pewaukee Hartland Brookfield Sussex Waukesha fall children family portrait photography}

Fall mini session- Day three {Pewaukee Waukesha fall mini family portrait photography}

December 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We had another great day of nice weather!  The sun peeked out for a little bit and we wrapped up in time because it started to rain! These families are beautiful!!!  It's hard to get comfortable in front of the camera, I get it.  We get those genuine smiles and laughs by being goofy and having a fun time.  Sometimes I capture the dads with the biggest smiles!  ;)


{Pewaukee Waukesha Minooka Park family photography}

Drugstore prints....YUCK!

December 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

You've heard photographers say, "Don't get your photos printed at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc...Visit the link below to see what a photographer did when she took some of her prints to these places.  It makes a HUGE difference where you get your photos printed.

I recommend www.mpix.com to my clients.  If they need to get prints immediately, I suggest Costco.  I've heard some photographers say that Sam's Club is decent, too.  If you want the quality that the photographer gives you, please take the advice and do not go to one of these drugstores.   PLEASE.  I use a pro-lab for the prints that I include in packages.  It's a crazy difference.  






{Pewaukee Waukesha family portraits do not print in drugstore labs comparison prints}

Fall mini sessions...Day two {Pewaukee Waukesha fall mini family portrait photography}

November 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Day two:  Very excited that the weather was cooperating!  I used a farm location in Pewaukee...Farmer Joe happily gave me permission to use his land.  He has beautiful trees and colorful fall leaves all over the place!  Not to mention a cool, old barn, too.  

These families were awesome.  I haven't had the opportunity to photograph many older children, so this was a great experience.   I'm used to wiggly, wild little ones!  Posing older children is different.  I could tell them how to pose and where to go and guess what....they actually listened!!!  LOL!

{Pewaukee Waukesha farm barn children family portrait fall session}

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